Hillsborough United Methodist Church, ca 1860


"The new building was completed in 1860. Its high elevation, tall windows, tower, and steeple make it a graceful church building. Captain Berry's use of white trim against red brick gives it a Georgian quality and definitely relates it to the old courthouse. The louvered shutters, galley, original pews, and antique pulpit with fluted columns give interest to the interior of the church. The original building (sanctuary/narthex/balcony/basement) designed by Captain Berry remains intact. When the church was built, the floor slanted down toward the pulpit. A large stove was located at the back of the church. There was another stove where the organ is now located. The pews and pulpit date back to this time.

A local legend tells that during the Civil War, when the Confederates found that they needed more cannons to hold their lines, they asked the church to donate the bell to be melted and added to their cannon supply. The church declined the proposition."

From Hillsborough United Methodist Church's Website.  Read more Here.